Hair for classes and performances should always be neat and tidy – ponytails with all hair off the neck and face are standard for jazz, lyrical, and modern.
Female dancers of all levels are expected to have their hair in a classical bun for ballet class. Please do not use hair accessories such as scrunchies, decorative hair clips etc.
Carefully consult your teachers for the exact style required for performances. Practice the style or get help!

For step-by-step instructions on how to make Classical Buns and French Rolls, click the link below:

Dress Code

The dress code is an important tool for the correct development of technique and assists in preventing injuries. When the teacher can view the dancer’s body clearly, they are able to make subtle adjustments that may eliminate future problems. Students should refer to the specifics of the dress code in the Uniform Requirements.


Professional Stage Makeup is an essential part of performing. The purpose of stage makeup is to add color to the skin and to exaggerate the features, making them clearly visible to the audience.

All students will be required to supply their own make-up for performances. Students must wear foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. Look for more details on your Dance Studio Portal.

Pointe Shoes

Students will be assessed for their readiness for pointe shoes. A student must be conscientious, serious, and physically strong before actually going on the toes or damage can be done to the body.

Fitting Pointe Shoes

Sewing and Tying Pointe Shoes


The Edmonton School of Ballet has an extensive wardrobe consisting of thousands of costumes for all dance styles.

Costume Rentals

Students may rent costumes for solos, duets, and other student works outside of their regular classes. To make an appointment to rent costumes please contact the school office.