Audition Requirements

In person auditions will be held in January and March. 

To register fill out the form linked below –

While in person exams are preferred, video auditions are acceptable. 

Videos taken in your home are welcomed.

On your virtual audition please include the following:

A. Introduction – your name, age, and grade level for the upcoming year.

B. Photos
1. Demi plie in 1st position
2. Butterfly stretch (seated)
3. Frog stretch (prone)
4. Stretched feet (arches)
5. Hamstring stretch (seated)

C. Dance – Ballet and Contemporary
Barre Work
1. Plié
2. Tendu
3. Developpé
4. Grand Battement

Center Practice
5. Port de bras
6. Adage
7. Pirouettes (if applicable)
8. Allegro #1 (saute)
9. Allegro #2 (travelling)

Contemporary Work
10. Kicks
11. Pirouette
12. Jeté

Pointe work (only if applicable)